Why Can You Be Great?

2 Samuel 5:10 – 10 So David went on and became great, and the Lord God of hosts was with him.

There is much talk about “great” people. The majority of the time, we define someone’s “greatness” by their accomplishments in business, sports, entertainment, etc.. In reality, most of society defines “greatness” by the size of someone’s bank account. We assume that if someone is rich, they must be great. Please understand that I have met “rich” people that are truly great, but they will be the first to say that their success has nothing to do with their finances.

In today’s passage, we are told “So David went on and became great”.  David was great not because he was rich but because the God he served was great. David served and honored God in what he did, thus, he was considered great. You too can be great, not because of your bank account, but because you too serve the same great and mighty God.  Why can you be great? Because our God is great!

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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