The Birth of a Samson

Judges 13:5 – For behold, you shall conceive and bear a son. And no razor shall come upon his head, for the child shall be a Nazirite to God from the womb; and he shall begin to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines.”

Whenever a child is born, parents thoughts are filled with the great things that their children may do. Perhaps they will solve world hunger, cure cancer or be the next great Babe Ruth. So many great things they can do, but do we ever consider the great things our children can do for the Lord?

In today’s passage we read of the birth of Samson, a child that would grow “to deliver Israel out of the hand of the Philistines.” Each time a child is born, we are given the opportunity to witness the “birth of a Samson”, one who can do great and mighty things for the Lord. Parents, remember the great responsibility you have been given and the great potential your “Samson” has. The best way to have an impact on the world is to raise a “Samson” in your home.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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