Open to All

Acts 11:1-3 – 11 The apostles and the believers throughout Judea heard that the Gentiles also had received the word of God. So when Peter went up to Jerusalem, the circumcised believers criticized him and said, “You went into the house of uncircumcised men and ate with them.”

The early church became upset when they heard “Gentiles” (non-Jewish people) were being allowed into the church. In their mind, the church was only for Jewish Christians. Many times in our churches, we get very comfortable with “the usual”. It is always the same people, that sit in the same seats and park in the same spots. We must remember, Jesus did not come for some, but for all. Churches are not to be social clicks but places where all people came come together to worship, pray and study. Jesus’ heart was open to all, God’s church is for all. I pray that if you see a visitor at your church this week, you will let them know that they are welcomed and loved.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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