No Other Gods

One of our church members, Roxz, wrote a great devotion and I wanted to share it with you today. Enjoy!

NO OTHER gods… Exodus 20:4

Everything comes back to this command. God-Jehovah-YHWH-Yahweh. Does not share His position, right or place with anyone, anyplace, anything at any time! PERIOD!

The place He built in our hearts only fits Him and Him alone.

Not: ourselves, mate, children, grandchildren, house, car, job, friend, hobby and all other ETC.

The minute we replace Him and put anything there except Him we have sinned, walking in willful disobedience. No longer covered by His umbrella of protection and provision. Our journey comes to a screeching stop.

We may be saying we don’t have this sin. Once again anything, anyone, any place you put before obedience to God is an IDOL – SIN. We all have this sin. It is the number one reason our walk is a struggle and a stumble. We are more concerned about everything else that we put God politely on the back burner as we go about trying to make our life run under our control. A joke in and of itself, as if we have any control over our lives.

Matthew 6:33-34 tells us plainly -easy to understand, Seek God first, Put God First, put all your eggs in His basket and He will give you ALL you NEED – be careful here – need NOT want!

To begin again fresh, we must confess our sin, actively pursue repentance, walking in right standing with the Lord.

Take a moment and ponder this. God says this all the way through His Word. PUT ME FIRST. Yet we are constantly shoving Him off His created throne in our hearts.

It breaks my heart when I do this to Him.

My goal for 2020 is to have NO OTHER god’s and fully seek His kingdom and righteousness and trust His promise that He will provide ALL I need.

May you consider this for 2020 as well.


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