No Longer An Army of One

1Samuel 28:1-2 – 28 Now it happened in those days that the Philistines gathered their armies together for war, to fight with Israel. And Achish said to David, “You assuredly know that you will go out with me to battle, you and your men.” So David said to Achish, “Surely you know what your servant can do.” And Achish said to David, “Therefore I will make you one of my chief guardians forever.”

I am often asked by people if they really need to attend a physical church. They explain that they listen to sermons on the radio and television, but don’t see the need to become a part of an actual church family. While listening to sermons is a great way to spend our time, a church family allows us to no longer be an army of one.

In today’s scripture, we read of Achish and David joining together for battle. “You assuredly know that you will go out with me to battle, you and your men.” Not only is joining in church fellowship Biblical (the first church joined together on a regular basis), but it is also beneficial. Becoming a part of a church family means that you no longer have to fight your battles on your own; no longer do you need to feel isolated. Your church family will go out with you to battle each day, pray for you and celebrate with you. If you are currently not a member of a church family, I pray that you will take the steps necessary to find a family that will go out to battle with you.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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