Letting Your Guard Down

Ezekiel 38:7 – “Prepare yourself and be ready, you and all your companies that are gathered about you; and be a guard for them.

I recently heard a story of an individual that was walking around a neighborhood late at night checking cars to see if any of the car doors had been left unlocked (good reminder). If it was unlocked, they would enter the car and steal things. If the door was locked, they would move on to the next car. Good reminder to make sure you cars are secure. Better reminder to make sure your life is secure.

In today’s message we are told to “Prepare yourself and be ready”. The Bible tells us that the thief (satan) wanders the earth looking for “unlocked doors”. Each day, each decision, each choice we make will either secure our doors or open them up to the enemy. One of the biggest mistakes we can make as Christians is letting our guard down. As long as there is a thief wandering the earth, we must “Prepare yourself and be ready”.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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