Lemonade out of Lemons

Genesis 39:22-23 – 22 The chief jailer committed to Joseph’s charge all the prisoners who were in the jail; so that whatever was done there, he was responsible for it. 23 The chief jailer did not supervise anything under Joseph’s charge because the Lord was with him; and whatever he did, the Lord made to prosper.
There is an old saying “make lemonade out of lemons”. We use it to encourage and comfort people that are enduring trials in their lives. This phrase attempts to get us to see something good in whatever bad is happening in our lives. It may be a catchy phrase, but should it really be comforting to us?
In Genesis 39, we read of the story of Joseph who is unfairly imprisoned due to an evil woman. In fact, if you look at Joseph’s early life, there was a lot of unfair things that happened to him. Yet, through it all, God was with Joseph and blessed him. Yes, God did make “lemonade out of lemons”. May Joseph’s story comfort you as you endure your trials. Always remember that God is with you and God will use you, regardless of your situation and circumstance. Even with Joseph was in prison, “the Lord was with him“.  It is the same Lord that will be with you when you feel trapped and imprisoned.
I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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