A Pure Church

Luke 19:45-46 – 45 Then He went into the temple and began to drive out those who bought and sold in it, 46 saying to them, “It is written, ‘My house is a house of prayer,’ but you have made it a ‘den of thieves.’

Jesus showed us the importance of keeping His church pure. In other words, we should always strive and fight to keep His church about Him and nothing/nobody else. A pure church is one where God’s Word is taught in its entirety, not leaving out or omitting sections that we don’t agree with. A pure church is one where we love all people, regardless of their past or present circumstances. A pure church is one where we call people to repent to avoid judgement. You might think this would be standard in all churches, but according to a recent Barna survey, only 3% of churches in America considered themselves a pure church. A pure church is what the Lord demands, a pure church is what this world needs.

I pray for blessings today for you on your Journey!

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